with comprehension, communication and connections.
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How I can help you

I want to share with you strategies, ideas, activities and resources that will help you be intentional to engage your learners with the language, and support their proficiency so you can celebrate their growth and success .  There is not a magic pill or a one way to do it.  I’ll share my ideas so you can get inspiration and find your own voice inside your class.  You’re the boss, but I love to help. 

Spanish Teacher Academy

Are you feeling overwhelmed in transitioning to a CI-based classroom? If you are, I have something for you! Gain a clear understanding of how & what to do in your classes on a daily basis to deliver compelling and rich comprehensible input. It’s is a membership and a community that will help you build a solid foundation for a CI classroom. Join HERE.

My blog

Understanding the foundation of Second Language Acquisition, and the role of comprehensible input in our classes is essential so that we can be intentional when we create experiences for our learners that support their growth in proficiency. Check out my blog for ideas and resources. 


A course for you

Do you wonder how to reach all your students when they are at such different proficiency levels? Do you dream of a class where students are using the target language?  Join our waiting list for our digital course Revamp Your Language Courses. My friend Bertha Delgadillo and I will open registration for this course soon!

Our Community

You aren’t alone in this journey.  Join our FB Community GROWING WITH CI so that you can ask, share, and collaborate with world language teachers just like you.  We all are looking for ideas to make our classes more comprehensible, engaging, and communicative.  Click on the button below, and come on. We have monthly free PD live sessions!

Hi, I'm Claudia!

I love to support and collaborate with World Language teachers like you to engage students with connections and comprehension, and to support them grow in their proficiency level.  It sounds like a dream, but it can be done.

I also love to create materials and resources for my classes.  I am big on providing scaffolds for my students, so they are successful creating language.  Check out this resource, I created for my IB students to help them describe images, connect, give opinion, and compare. 

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